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Selected peer-reviewed articles and book chapters


Inelastic scattering of electrons in water from first principles: cross sections and inelastic mean free path for use in Monte Carlo track-structure simulations of biological damage, Natalia E. Koval, Peter Koval, Fabiana Da Pieve, Jorge Kohanoff, Emilio Artacho, Dimitris Emfietzoglou, Royal Society Open Science 9: 212011.


Modeling Radiation Damage in Materials Relevant for Exploration and Settlement on the Moon, Open Access Peer-Reviewed Book Chapter from IntechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.102808.


Ab initio electronic stopping power for protons in Ga0. 5In0. 5P/GaAs/Ge triple-junction solar cells for space applicationsNatalia E. Koval, Fabiana Da Pieve, Emilio Artacho, Royal Society Open Science 7, 200925.


Structure and properties of CoCrFeNiX multi-principal element alloys from ab initio calculations, Natalia E Koval, Joseba Iñaki Juaristi, Ricardo Díez Muiño, Maite Alducin, Journal of Applied Physics 127 (14), 145102.


Elastic properties of the TiZrNbTaMo multi-principal element alloy studied from first principles, Natalia E Koval, Joseba Iñaki Juaristi, Ricardo Díez Muiño, Maite Alducin, Intermetallics 106, 130-140.


Vicinage effect in the energy loss of H2 dimers: Experiment and calculations based on time-dependent density-functional theory, Natalia E Koval, Andrei G Borisov, Lucio Flavio dos Santos Rosa, Elis Moura Stori, Johnny Ferraz Dias, Pedro Luis Grande, Daniel Sánchez-Portal, R Díez Muiño, Physical Review A 95 (6), 062707.

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